Glimpses of the Creation Process



Sir Alex Lee



Daniel & Genene

Thanks to the REAL Daniel & Genene
​for all of your support for over a decade!

Spiderman photo-bombed the outdoor shoot. He's just like that.

"Guinea, Guinea some lovin'....every day!"
​Darrell Scott


  I am very happy to share my process with the world. Altho I have been a full-time potter for 25 years now,  I have spent the last 15 years alone in my studio, teaching myself how to make these sculptures. In the future, I will decide on the best format to share my process with folks who might be interested. All of my sculptures are built with slabs and really instead of "round" coils, I square them up which makes for better joinery. I use commercial stoneware clay and do not bother to "wedge" it. I paddle the coils square and do alot of paddling during the making of the body. Plus, not unlike a dressmaker, I cut out wedges like darts and bring the clay together to create the shapes I desire. Not all of the process of some sculptures were photographed. It takes alot of time to take pics in addition to the time-consuming process of just creating them, so some of these examples are at different stages.

I hope to inspire others by showing you these glimpses. 

One other thing, PATIENCE is a virtue. I have learned that the hard way!