Born in 1960, Hickory, NC native Tammy Leigh Brooks has created art for her entire life. In 1992 she took a pottery class at the Hickory Museum of ART that completely CHANGED her life.  Two years later, she quit her telecommunications job of 16 years to become a full-time potter.  Working with stoneware clay every day,  Tammy Leigh found her niche in the sculptural realm.  Eventually, in 2004, roosters became her focus. Over the years since, her work has evolved to include various poultry breeds, guinea fowl, wild turkeys, peacocks, and more recently, birds of prey.

    The attitude, personality and natural beauty of the birds intrigue Tammy Leigh.  Each of her "children" are named and dated which chronicles her path. Pieces are built with a combination of clay coils and slabs. Glazing details in a spectrum of colors add to the intricate, time-consuming designs.  Tammy Leigh's depth of research, artistic perception, and attention to detail visually separates her work from the norm.  The results are extraordinary one-of-a-kind creations that are in high demand and are sought by the most serious collectors.  She does not claim her sculptures to be "exactly" as they are in nature, but she tries her best to capture their essence. All have their own personalities and make most folks smile. 
    In January 2007, Tammy Leigh was asked to participate in The Legendary Raw Arts Festival in New York City.  Originating in London, England in 2004 as a showcase for self-taught fine art visionaries, the movement later traveled to Valencia, Spain, and then on to NYC in 2007.  Collaborating with NYARTS MAGAZINE, The Raw Arts Festival featured only 28 artists from all over the world in New York City.  Tammy Leigh was one of only three potters represented in the international mix of passionate and talented artists.  Thru the years, she has participated in many shows and exhibitions. The MINT MUSEUM in Charlotte NC has a family of polish chickens in their permanent collection. Hickory Museum of Art owns three sculptures as well which include "The Queen of the Universe" , "Pageant Material" and "The Pole Sitter".  Many clients have acquired sculptures for their own private collections as family heirlooms.
 Over the past 25 years, the love and energy she puts into them just keeps going and going for generations to come.   Rufus Smith
 I have had the honor in the past to have been invited to the Mint Museum's "Potter's Market Invitational" for 10 years. After the brood was added to their permanent collection in 2013, organizers and employees would come tell how much they loved seeing them displayed in the lobby. They have commented on how young and old alike would stop to appreciate them. I will always be grateful for them acknowledging my work, especially since I am self-taught.

The Mint  Museum Brood
Charlotte, NC

The Big Head #1 goes to Nashville TN

t b ​​
The Big Head #1 travelled to Nashville to celebrate Darrell Scott's 
50th birthday in 2009.  The Big Head said "Best party ever!".
No wonder with Beth Nielsen Chapman and Odessa Settles lovin' on him.
 The Big Head decided to just stay in Nashville!
 ​​​Darrell has purchased my work for over two decades now. Folks like him and 
my best friend Billy Lackey have believed in me and kept me going as an artist.
I am most grateful.

The Big Head # 3 , aka "Easy Rider"

Thanks to J Stephen Young for organizing and photographing this very special shoot.
 Robert Eades furnished the beautiful red beemer. It was a very hot day for a redhead to deal with, but i loved the results.  Thanks to all who helped pull this off!
Plus special thanks to Darwin & Myra Smith for adding
The Big Head #3 to their fabulous fine art collection.
He has a killer view Of Lake Norman, NC and is loved dearly by all.

Family Photo 2009

Family Photo 2012

Please note:  I do not condone inhumane treatment of any animal on this planet,
neither did my client. We celebrate their natural beauty and spirit.

Below is the day in 2008 when I opened the kiln to love on my first polands,
Susie Pauline & Mr. September. 
You may recognize Longneck Redneck in the back of the kiln. 
BTW, I loved on him too!

More recently, here I am in the studio with Hawkeye  2019.

H​Here are some more pics of me "children".  I have hatched quite a few!

Hart Square Rooster,  Queen of the Universe  & The Big Head #2

Freddy Frizzle

 Catawba Belle

Becky Jane



​​The Ilinois Governor and I are hanging out before he was fired. 
After the final firing, Brother Darrell Scott grabbed him up to add to his eclectic mix.

Sherri Ann & Soldier


REO  Speedwagon

Mother's Finest



Soldier and I playing with mirrors!

Ol' Helmet Head

Kenny G,  Whoopi & Julius

Jethro Tull


The Family Patriarch

His Royal

I love my BAILEY'S  Gas Kiln!





Hillary and her new Mom

Stolen Kisses

 Pageant Material,  Stormy &  Mr. Universe were all inspired by
Malaysian Beauty Pageants for chickens.  Evidently , they are a huge hit!
Thanks to Singaporian artist Ernest Goh for sharing his video with the world.
The sculptures were certainly a challenge to create. 
Watch the "beauty" contestants strut their stuff for the judges.
Check it out at 
I view it for fun and inspiration on a regular basis. 
The talented "warriors" lift their breasts up so high as they try to balance themselves
on their two little legs without falling over. They crack me up every time i watch it. 

Moma & Popa Frizzle

The Original Judges from "The Voice" USA

                                                    Adam           CeeLo          Christina           Blake                                                                         

Heading 1

Howdy Do


The Town Crier

Many thanks to the organizers of the Catawba Valley Pottery & Antiques Festival in Hickory, NC. The event is sponsored by the Catawba County Historical Association and the 
North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove. It was my pleasure to participate for 
18 years. When I started focusing on sculptures, it became just too risky and stressfull to haul them around to shows. I dearly miss all of the folks who would come and my fellow potters.
Thanks so much to all for the many fond memories.

We are fortunate to 
have a wonderful magazine 
that highlights the state
of North Carolina.
This article appeared
in March 2014.
​I am most grateful.

If you are interested in "self-taught" artists, this is a great book by
Margaret Day Allen.  She showcases 31 artists of various mediums. Our interview was
quite early compared to some, as she kept adding more and more during her process.
Published in 2014, the book is a great read and contains many lovely photographs. 

Love & Peace to ALL,
​Tammy Leigh